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Welcome to The Digital Parenting Community, the official community of DigitalParenting.com. Here you will find resources to help you implement the 7 Essential Steps of Digital Parenting covered in The Digital Parenting Guidebook.

Who Is This For?

DigitalParenting.com was founded to present a bold Christian approach to our digital world. We believe any parent can find value in the material we create, but the foundation for our approach is our faith.

What Can You Find Here?

Maybe you just want to know how to setup screen time on an iPhone? You’ll find valuable resources and discussions under our Tech Questions category. Maybe you are reading through The Digital Parenting Guidebook and you want to engage with other parents reading through the material. Jump over to the category for The Digital Parenting Guidebook. Have ideas for something we should add to our resources? Head over to the Feedback category.

Who is DigitalParenting.com?

We give families what they need to thrive in our digital age. We partner with churches around the world to equip parents to successfully manage the technology surrounding their families.

Everything we do at DigitalParenting.com is based on four core beliefs:

  1. The Bible is the source of truth and an infallible parenting guide. We believe the Bible, not the current age, is a steady and reliable guide.

  2. Technology can be used for both good and evil. Rather than shun all technology, we believe in using it in obedience to God’s commands.

  3. Peer-reviewed research is a source for valuable insight. We believe proven research is essential to understanding the challenges posed by technology.

  4. Discipleship is the key to success. We believe tools can only go so far. Effective teaching is how we ultimately combat the harms of technology.

Before You Post

Take time to search and review the posts we currently have in the community before posting a new topic.